The 22nd World Book Award of Islamic Republic of Iran

Closing Date: 2014-December-30

 Call for Submission |The 22nd World Book Award of Islamic Republic of Iran

The secretariat of the World Book Award is pleased to announce that the 22nd course of this great cultural award is going to be held in February 2015.  Accordingly, all writers, translators, editors and publishers are invited to submit their works on “Islamic Studies” and “Iranian Studies” to the secretariat for being evaluated.
Criteria for Selected Books:

Each of the two main topics – Islamic Studies and Iranian Studies- includes numerous parts and subdivisions, some of which are as follows:
a) Islamic Studies: History of Islam, Islamic Civilization, Quranic and Hadith studies, Islamic Theology & Philosophy, Islamic Mysticism, Islamic Law and Jurisprudence, Translation of Classic Islamic Texts, Islamic Economics, Contemporary Islamic Studies, Islamic Arts & Architecture, History  of Science.
b) Iranian Studies: History of Iran, Iranian Languages, Iranian Geography, Ancient Iranian Religions; Civilization & History,  Persian Literature, Iranian Arts & Architecture, History of Science in Iran, Iranian Anthropology, Translation of  Great Iranian works, etc.

Books should be, in their first edition, published in 2013.
The deadline for introducing/sending books is December 30th, 2014. The Secretariat calls for and warmly welcomes your cooperation and participation in this great cultural event. To nominate the book(s), please send a copy preferably with a brief presentation of work, addressed to the Secretary of the World Book Award, to following postal address:

The Secretariat of the World Book Award, Floor 5, No. 7,  Fajr St., Ghaem Magham Farahani Ave., Haft-e-Tir Sq., Tehran, Iran. (PO Box 11155-1599)

As well as, the Postal Address in Farsi is:

تهران- میدان هفتم تیر-  خیابان قائم مقام فراهانی- ابتدای خیابان فجر- ساختمان شماره۷-  طبقه پنجم- دبیرخانه جایزه جهانی کتاب سال)صندوق پستی:۱۵۹۹-۱۱۱۵۵)

For more information you can contact   

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