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The Canadian journal for Middle East Studies, The Researcher—a print and online academic journal published by Institute for Middle East Studies, Canada—announces a call for articles and reviews for our second No. of Volume 1. We are interested in articles that focus on the Middle East in a wide range of contexts, and encourage articles from humanities and social science perspectives. The Researcher engages in serious, scholarly exploration of the forms, representations, meanings, and historical influences of radical social movements.

The peer-reviewed journal “The Researcher” is calling for papers for its second issue, focusing on the “The Middle East after the Arab Spring” to be published in Spring 2016.
Thus, we particularly welcome contributions addressing the following topics:

• Civil Society after 2011 in the Arab World;

• Democracy and Democratization in the Arab World;

• Women in politics in the Middle East;

• Civil society and democratic governance;

• Public policy in the Middle East?;

• Bureaucracy and democracy;

• Bureaucracy, policy and decision making in the Middle East;

• Administrative reforms in the Middle East;

• Gulf Countries as regional power;

• Ethnic and religious minority issues in the Middle East;

• Good governance as key for peace and prosperity in the Middle East;

• Social movements in the Middle East;

• Tribalism in the Middle East;

• Conflict resolution;

• Security studies, countering terrorism, and eradicating violence;

• Corruption;

• NGOs, non-profit organizations, and volunteerism in the Middle East;

• Political Islam, democracy and governance.

The Researcher calls for articles from a broad array of disciplines including political science, sociology, anthropology, literature studies, cultural studies, media studies, linguistics, history, and economics. We encourage articles that embed the concept of radicalism in a broader context of oppression, social inequality, thus expanding the narrow focus of class and including parallel factors such as gender or ethnicity.

All articles that fall into the general framework of the journal, but do not relate to the special topic “The Middle East after the Arab Spring,” will be taken into consideration for the “off topic” section of “The Researcher”

The deadline for article submissions is March 30, 2016.

Manuscripts should be sent via the following link:

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