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On March 1 2024, Brill and De Gruyter finalized the process to become De Gruyter Brill. The merger of De Gruyter and Brill marks an exciting new chapter in the long history of our two publishing houses: Together, we will become one of the leading publishers in the humanities and beyond.

Since our two publishing houses were founded in 1683 and 1749, respectively, we have been committed to serving scholars from all disciplines by publishing books and journals of the highest quality. As De Gruyter Brill, we are now carrying this heritage into the future: advancing and disseminating scholarship, driven by the conviction that all research is vital in addressing the pressing challenges of our times. The combination will be perfectly positioned to offer the best possible services and infrastructure to our authors and the academic community. The enlarged scale will accelerate our transition to open access and increase our ability to deliver cutting-edge technology, such as a state-of-the-art content platform.

Next steps
We will be headquartered in de Gruyter’s current offices in Berlin, Germany, and Leiden will be the second largest office. De Gruyter Brill will be a medium-sized, family-owned, independent publishing house with one long-term goal: To advance scholarly research by supporting academic authors. We will maintain De Gruyter and Brill as individual publishing brands with their respective imprints and publishing programs. We will remain steadfast partners to the scholarly community and sustain our close and personal relationships with authors, librarians, and academic institutions.  We intend to maintain the size, breadth, and depth of the publishing programs and to offer our authors as many opportunities to publish under our imprints, within our series, and in as many subject areas as before.

What does this mean for the authors?
At this moment, this does not change anything in our service to authors. Your contacts at both publishing houses remain the same. Existing author contracts and agreements including publication timelines will not be affected by the process. For the time being, titles will continue to be published under the brands De Gruyter, Brill, or their respective imprints.  We will now start working on the integration of our operational processes. Of course, we will keep you informed during this process and will notify you in advance of any changes that may impact you.

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