Winter courses in Iran

The University of Religions and Denominations (Qom, Iran) is the sole specialized university of religions in Iran which has been active for more than two decades and with the goal of creating peace, peaceful coexistence and mutual understanding and dialogue has connected with several institutions and universities across the world
The International Department of the university has a successful history of organizing academic conferences and short courses in which many professors and students from across the world have participated. For more information regarding the university please visit the following site:
The International Short Course Center of URD organizes courses twice a year in summer and winter. We are proud to announce the following courses for winter 2020:
Winter 2020 Courses
Course Dates
The 10th International Intensive Course on Shi‘a Studies
13-17 February 2020
Cultural Tour
18-21 February 2020
The 1st International Intensive Course on Mysticism and Sufism in Islam and Iran
22-26 February 2020
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