The Dating of the Quran

Author: Montgomery Watt
Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society / Volume 89 / Issue 1-2 / April 1957

The Dating of the Quran

The appearance of Richard Bell’s Introduction to the Qur’ān is a suitable occasion for considering the general principles underlying the detailed dating of the Qur’ān in his translation. This leads on to the question of the extent to which even approximate dates can be assigned to the various sections, and also to an estimate of advances to be expected in this branch of Qur’ānic studies. Bell’s work further raises questions of interpretation, but these are not discussed here except in so far as they bear on the dating.


Bibliography: Watt. Montgomery, “The Dating of the Quran: A Review of Richard Bell’s Theories”,  Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society / Volume 89 / Issue 1-2 / April 1957, pp. 46-56.

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