Encyclopedia of Islam

Author: Saeid Edalatnejad

Encyclopedia of the World of Islam, s.v. “Dāyirat al-Ma’ārif Islam”, vol.17, 2012, pp. 325-332.

Encyclopedia of Islam, An Encyclopedia has been published in the realm of Islam and Muslim culture and civilization in Leiden in the Netherlands. This article is an entry published in the Encyclopedia of the World of Islam (EWI) in Tehran. It sifts a short history of the publication of the Encyclopedia of Islam (three editions since 1913) and then analyses mostly the impulsions of editors, compilers, and authors at the inception of this project. It describes mostly the structure, methods, and content of the second edition. Since the Encyclopedia of Islam had had effective influences in increasing the level of research and especially in producing encyclopedic works in Muslim countries, the paper shows the consequences of the publication the Encyclopedia of Islam, whether in the format of producing new encyclopedia or in the process of translation the Encyclopedia of Islam, in Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, and Iran. The paper is authored in about ten thousand words in Persian. It may be translated into English by a special sponsor. To receive the Persian edition please contact us.


Edalatnejad, Saeid, s.v. ‘The Encyclopedia of Islam’, in The Encyclopedia of World of Islam (EWI), vol.17 (1391/2012): pp.325-332.

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