Iranian Journal of Islamic Studies (IJIS)

Authors are cordially invited to submit scholarly articles concerned with Islamic Studies to the Iranian Journal of Islamic Studies (IJIS), which will officially launch in March 2020. IJIS is a quarterly journal of The University of Religions and Denomination (URD). This journal will also submit applications for Web of Science and Scopes after its two first issues get published.

About the Journal

The Iranian Journal of Islamic Studies is mainly concerned to help promote understanding and dialogue among the Islamic Denominations so as to help prepare the ground for peaceful coexistence and friendship among Muslims all around the world. It will be devoted to the examination of all aspects of Islam and the Islamic world. Special attention will be paid to works on Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh), Islamic Theology (Kalam), history of Islam, politics, sociology, international relations, as well as ethics. Mr. Seyyed Abolhasan Navvab is the Editor-in-Chief of the journal. For further information on IJIS, follow this link:

URD already publishes the journal of Religious Inquiries, which is covered in Web of Science. For more information on this journal, follow this link:

For more information on URD follow this link:

Manuscripts submitted to this journal will be deemed as they have not been published and are not under consideration for publication elsewhere. The journal welcomes the submission of manuscripts that meet the criteria of scholarly excellence. Our review process allows the authors and researchers an opportunity to use their expertise in a number of significant ways. Please note that IJIS uses Crossref™ to screen papers for unoriginal material. By submitting your paper to this journal you are agreeing to originality checks during the peer-review and production processes.

We are engaged to settle a website to get the articles for blind peer review; yet, until then, this journal accepts articles by direct email. Please send your submission to Ahmad Amid, the Managing Editor; email:



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