The Noble Quran with a Russian Translation

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The Press and translator exaggeratedly claim that previous translations, done either by the Oriental scholars or by Sunnis, had many mistakes and this translation is the first Shiite translation of the Holy Quran into Russian. It took about five years. Moreover, the robust tendency for re-translation of the Holy Quran was the fact that those translations were done by individuals who did not hold any religious education, while this translation was performed by a Russian who studied in Qom for 10 years.
During the translation and editing process, the translator was in continuous contact with leading academics in order to solve translation issues.

For researchers who work in the field of Quranic studies may be of interest to take a look at the translation and find the alleged differences. Surely, some minute differences will be found but these are not basic in comparison to those of translations done in accordance to the Sunnite exegeses. The price of this work is 69.00 Euro (including post cost). Please order us by email.

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Nazim Zeynalov




The Center for Translation of the Holy Qurān






Zeynalov, Nazim, The Noble Quran with a Russian Translation, Russia, The Center for Translation of the Holy Qurān, 2015, 606 p.