Sardar Bibi Maryam Bakhtiari: The Chief Commander of Freedom

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One of the difficulties in understanding the history of Iranis the lack of focus on the role of women in different periods. In the turbulent history of our beloved homeland, there were women who have struggled in all different fields and very aspects against foreign and domestic enemies by their own ingenuity, adequacy, and cleverness to compensate for some inefficiencies and ineffectiveness of the rulers. The continuity and perpetuity of the names and characters in the history, requires timely and adequate progression and deconstruction of the individuals and this does not only involve men, but women, who, with their courageous work, have been able to identified as an effective historical element in a nation or country. Women who have raised against the indecent elements of the society and have played an efficient role in Iran`s accomplishments.
The unfortunate circumstances of Iran in the past decades have affected the lives of women and men alike, but it is evident from the documents that the role and struggles of women in the context of historical and social developments have not received the attention it deserves. In many of the existing texts, women are called as sisters, mothers, and daughters of prominent men instead of having their own names and real identities. This practice has caused the researchers a great deal of problems.
In this book, the life of one of the greatest and most celebrated women in contemporary Iranian history has been studied. Sardar (The chief commander)Bibi Maryam Bakhtiari, who is briefly referred to as Bibi Maryam, is a legendary figure who is considered as a prominent and influential woman among all courageous Bakhtiari commanders.
A set of extremely important documents about her role in the WWI, supporting Germany, the Ottomans and their allies, which resulted in her receiving medals, gifts and letters from the German, Ottoman and Austrian emperors along with the regent of Iran and Haj Agha Noorollah Najafi Isfahani (Constitutional Leader of Isfahan), are published in this book for the first time.
In this book, some documents and pictures are published for the first time, including the images of Sardar Bibi Maryam, her medals, the documents of her presence in WWI and the Constitutional Revolution, her correspondence with the scholar and religious authorities of her time and other documents that could be of use to the interested researchers.

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Parichehr Soltani Zaraswand


Shima Elahi




Candle & Fog Publishing Ltd






Soltani Zaraswand, Parichehr, Sardar Bibi Maryam Bakhtiari: The Chief Commander of Freedom, Translated by Shima Elahi, Tehran, Candle & Fog Publishing Ltd, 2015, 444 p.