Sunni Communities in the Islamic Republic of Iran, 2013-2021

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Author: Hessam Habibi Doroh

Sunni-Shia relations in Iran offer an analytical guide for the interpretation of inequality, securitization, and immigration. This book reorients our understanding of contemporary Iran by answering still unacknowledged questions: how are the relationship, the interaction, and socio-political behaviour between the Islamic Republic and its Sunni minorities? Using unexamined sources and fieldwork, Hessam Habibi Doroh shows a clear insight into the life of Iranian Sunnis, their contention, and their cooperation with the state during Hasan Rouhani´s presidency. Comparison with the wider region complements this nuanced portrayal of the impacts of privatization, secularization, and securitization on the sectarian relations between the state and its minorities.