Indian Islamic Architecture: Forms and Typologies, Sites and Monuments

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Assembled here for the first time, these offer an insightful overview of the subject, ranging from the earliest mosques and tombs erected by the Delhi sultans in the 13th, 14th and 15th centuries, to the great monuments of the Mughal emperors dating from the 16th and 17th centuries. The articles cover the principal forms of Indian Islamic architecture — mosques, tombs, minarets, forts, gateways and water structures — as well as the most important sites and their monuments. Unsurpassed for their compression of information, these succinct articles serve as the best possible introduction to the subject, indispensable for both students and travellers . The articles are supplemented by a portfolio of photographs especially selected for the volume, as well as a glossary and up to date bibliography. This book have an Introduction in three sections: Sultanate Architecture, Mughal Architecture and Inscriptions.
With two exceptions, all the articles of John Burton-Page in this volume are reproduced from the 2nd Edition of Encyclopaedia of Islam . The spellings have been slightly amended to accord with common Indian usage, especially for place names. Hijra and Christian Era dates, and diacritical marks for names and terms, have been retained as in the original entries. As is obvious from his numerous articles on Indian Islamic architecture, a selection of which are reproduced in this volume, John manifested
a remarkable sensitivity to indigenous constructional principles, as well as the nuances of building form and style. Underpinned by a secure command of Indian languages and history relevant to the Muslim period, his articles on Indian Islamic architecture may be considered definitive.

John Burton was initially tempted to study medicine, but already as a teenager developed a passion for Western Classical music. He made the seemingly arbitrary transition from the world of European Classical music to Indian languages, and then to Indo -Islamic architecture.

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John Burton-Page and Edited by George Michell










Burton-Page, John; Indian Islamic Architecture: Forms and Typologies, Sites and Monuments, Edited by George Michell, Leiden, Brill, 2008, 194 p.