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Bibliography of Quranic Studies in European Languages

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Bibliography of Quranic Studies in European Languages (1500-2012)

This Bibliography of Quranic Studies tells us a great deal about the discipline as it has unfolded in European languages. Its range of topics that Bibliography covers is impressive; it is possible to see the emergence of sub-disciplines within Quranic studies in the way subjects start to cohere: manuscript studies, tafsir studies, thematic studies, historical studies, the Quran in ritual.

This Bibliography shows that the Quran has truly entered into the canon of world literature, subject to analysis through a wide range of methods, approaches, and presuppositions either in sympathy or critically. The libraries, professors as well as students in the field of Islamic studies, in general, and Quranic studies, in particular, need this exhaustive source. Since every new piece of the scholarship must, if it is to be useful and significant, stand in an acknowledged relationship with what has come before it. (Professor late Andrew Rippin in the Foreword of this work)

This Bibliography is arranged alphabetically by the author’s name. Publications without an author’s name are sorted by the title. The data of reprints, revised editions, and works printed in various journals are given in chronological order under a single entry. The price is 72.00 Euro (including the post cost). Please order by email.

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Morteza Karimi-Nia


Iran (Qum)


The Centre for Translation of the Holy Qur’an






Karimi-Nia, Morteza; Bibliography of Qur’anic Studies in European Languages (1500-2012), Qum, CTHQ, 2012, 800 pp.